It was my dads 1 year anniversary on Valentine’s day💔 🥲
Cant beleive he died just feel this emptiness sad and alone
Mum in law 1 year anniversary today
Known her about 32 years
Husband scatter her ashes today💜🥲
We bring flowers s feel sad bit sick don’t know what to expect


Anniversary are hard. I’ve had the first Xmas, the first birthday but yet to face the first anniversary of my sisters death. No idea how that’s going to feel.

Hi Paula
I’m so sorry for the loss of your sister
Yes anniversaries are hard
Think it’s harder leading up to the days of the anniversary
I was ok during the day it was at night it hit me
Broke my heart my dad died in tears
Well that’s what I think anyway.
It’s all difficult the 1st Christmas anniversary and birthday without them
It would have been my dads birthday next month