This has been an important week for me with last week being the 2nd anniversary for my mum and today being the 15th anniversary for my dad.

Someone suggested to me that the first year of any loss is hard because of the the first anniversaries. Birthdays , Weddings etc. Then that the second year is harder because you realise it is real and they are definitely not coming back.

I think now i am in agreement with that sentiment. Does any one else feel that way and how did the following years go for you?

Hi Greyone - my husband and soulmate died 18 December 2013 the week before Christmas - he went to work and didn’t come home. My first Christmas was a week later but I was numb so the 2nd Christmas was worse, the shock had worn off and the reality that l would never see them again had hit home. I met Brett on his birthday and we got married on his birthday so 2nd March is a big day for me. The one just gone was our 25 years together, 13th wedding anniversary and his 63rd birthday. I went down to Brighton, his hometown, and scattered some of his ashes. Unfortunately it was the week we had the beast from the east so I was a little cold!!! People say it gets easier but I think time just softens the sharp edges. I came in tonight and took one look at his photo and burst into tears, the pain is still very much there. On anniversaries I just have a quite reflecting day and get all the photos out. Life will never be the same, I don’t have any children and friends have all backed off, they think I should be over it by now so I plod through life the best I can. This forum has been a great help I found it better than counselling, we all travel this nasty road together, all at different stages. Take care Marilyn x

My daughter lost my granddaughter I yr tomorrow Every day is torture I read others posts And I know the pain I want to support My daughter and partner But how she doesnt want Hugs and crying as she says it hurts to see others hurting xx

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