Hola from sunny Spain- i just saw a post about anniversaries. My husband died 2 years ago- 3 days after his birthday and the day before mine…
Its hard , as we used to have a kind of birthday " week" where we did nice things or went away somewhere. Last year i went up to the mountain where his ashes are scattered but that needs a landrover which was his and i had to sell it. Should i just ignore the day? There is a yoga day here on my birthday- so might try to go to that. But dont want to be there blubbing! I need to move on but its so hard. This last 2 years seem to have been constant paperwork and so I havent had a chance to grieve.
I have now moved to the coast as our place was quite rural and although we loved it - grew veg, had chickens, goats.etc, it wasnt good on my own. But still awaiting the notorious Spanish paperwork to sell it - so have to go back periodically …
I have never lived on my own before - thank goodness for my dog Teddy and my 2 cats…


Hi @Jennymac56
Enjoy the sunshine and try to relax, wish I was there. Do the yoga and try to concentrate on it and not dwell on anything else. I hope it makes you feel better.

Hello, I’ve just read your post & youve done so well in coping with everything you’ve had to deal with.

It’s hard to know what to do on Anniversary’s, so very personal, I find that I do different things each year.

On my birthday I treat myself to something as he would have treated me if he were here so I do it for him, this year is a trip to the beauty salon.

For his birthday this year I went to the coast, sat on a bench & thought about all his other birthdays remembering them with a smile,.

Nowadays I do think it’s lovely that even after we’ve gone there is loved ones still remembering our birthday :slightly_smiling_face:

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