Anniversaries/birthdays can be so difficult
It was my dads 1 year anniversary on Valentine’s Day :broken_heart: :blue_heart:
Now this month would have been his birthday
Last wk was mum in law 1 year anniversary :broken_heart: :purple_heart:
Just before that would have beenher birthday 🥲

First anniversaries are so difficult, as the years go by, they do get easier, you never forget but I think you can start remembering the good times you had together x

Thanks but I don’t want to forget my dad
Dam lockdown really not helping I can’t get back over to Ireland
Put insertion into remmembrance book but book only gets turned on there anniversary
Goodness knows when I will get over
In meantime have some of his letters photos records just wish he was here instead.
Hard to imagine he’s gone forever
Same with mum in law she was always so tough and strong
It’s like they’ve just vanished from earth
I know gets easier over time
Just hard to imagine that just now
Yes have family but they don’t really understand what your going through
Sometimes helps writing things down or just going walk
Last year judt hellish my dad died mum in las died lost my job 2 aunties died