Anniversary of bereavement.

I’m finding the closer it is to the anniversary of the bereavement, I feel the pain the Most. It’s hard all the time but even harder week leading up to the anniversary. I constantly find myself thinking 2 years ago today I was here , and my dad was 2 days away from passing etc.
Does anyone else find this?

I have the 1 year anniversary in a couple of months. Not looking forward to it, but I like the idea of taking some time out to visit his family in Wales and indulge in allowing myself some 'time out to just miss him.

That’s lovely. It’s hard all year around but closer to the anniversary I find it harder

Hello Billy yes my father passed away last year in march with dementia he had his birthday on the 8th march passed away 14th march it be 12 months then it’s difficult I’m under mental health have a councillor ring me every Monday due to bad anxiety I have hermit myself to the house won’t go out only to the doctors I have my husband but it’s hard as it was my dad who was my whole world like my mum she passed away 2014 you feel lost and empty if only they knew what hurt we are feeling thinking of u at this difficult time Jean xx