Why are anniversaries & christmas so hard
You somehow learn to live with berevement
But anniversaries are hard painful inside :broken_heart:
Its my babies anniversary coming up cant beleive would have been there 30th🎈
Ive got wee posy flowers getting made and personalised baloon with there names and white feathers inside🕊

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Anniversaries are difficult because they allow you to focus. They allow you to think of the time they came in to your life and the time they left you… and to remember the time in between however long or short that may be. Anniversaries remind you of how fragile life is and how the most happiest of times can be lost in a breath and they force us to face our loss when sometimes we push it back.
The loss of a child is like no other. Every day since is a first. Not just the special anniversaries. They say we are only given the tasks we can cope with in life. If that is true then you must be a strong lady.
My daughters little boy Evan was born still on 16/01/16, at 37 weeks. He was born at 6.16am and his funeral was on 26th. We took comfort in all the 6’s
My daughter had our princess 28/12/16. She was due on Evans birthday and a birthday Evan and I share. My daughter opted for a Caesarian and Leia was born exactly the same gestation as her presidiums brother. We can’t look at her without being reminded that he made way for her. We believe he was given to us so he could learn lessons he’s not quite mastered. He didn’t need to stay with us. My daughter was chosen and she learned the hardest lesson in life. How to live without your child. We like to think that Evan sent his sister to fill his mummy’s arms and stick a plaster on her heart. Leia is our precious gift and a constant reminder of our boy. Evan will be 6 in January. Each year my daughter a teacher says I watch his class play in the yard mam. He should be there. I wander which group of children would be his friends. I’m sure you have had your own questions over the years. Celebrate your son and recognise your strength too. Xx