I foolishly thought I’d got through all the ‘firsts’ since my darling was taken. Her birthday, holiday (disaster), Christmas and New Year, my birthday and anniversary of her passing. Today is a year since her funeral and OMG ! It has hit me like a ton of bricks. I’m literally paralysed with grief. How do I move through this ?

I’m not as far on As you but I got through my late husband’s birthday by just blanking out the date in my mind. It would have been our Ruby wedding anniversary this August so I guess I’ll have to do the same then, just think of it as just another ordinary day .Everyone has their own way of dealing with this terrible grief we are going through.
Thoughts and prayers are with you.

It’s my partners birthday in July the first one since he passed and I’m dreading it already

Yes, I’m afraid you have to do what you feel is best for you but it will still grab you. I had booked a week away for my darlings birthday last July ( she passed away in May).
But it didn’t make it any easier. I was constantly thinking how much she would have loved it and how unfair it all was.
Sadly there is no easy way for any of us.
God bless.

I am really dreading all the anniversary dates, I don’t know how I will deal with them, the first one will be our wedding anniversary, which is 21st August, then my Wife’s birthday 25th September. I don’t know how you all have dealt with it, but I don’t think it ever gets any easier