So this is the weekend my life changed forever. I get through the days just about now but only as an existence not living. I imagined my life with my love and it was cut short. The last year? So quick, so long and so painful. I know you all understand. My heart is broken xx

Sending you a hug Vonnie x

Blessings Vonnie, ☆☆☆☆☆

Hi Vonnie,
I’m with you 100% on this weekend changing our lives forever, it’s one year today since my wife Ange suffered a Cardiac arrest and Wednesday 6th will be one year since she passed away, its unbelievable to think it was a year ago but like you say its also been a long year.
Take care xx

One year ago on 5th Alan, our two children, myself and our daughter’s pug celebrated his 70th birthday. We’ve always been young in mind, seems a lifetime away, I’ve a couple more 2st anniversaries until his passing in May. X