Tomorrow will be our 12th Anniversary and my first without my husband. I feel heartbroken and alone. I hoped that there would be someone here with me but my family and friends are all busy.


It was my 12th anniversary a week after the funeral. Although we had been tigether for 42 years.
I was lucky that my Granddaughter spent the day with me.

Would you be able to go out somewhere, I know its not easy on your own. I’m supposed to be going to wedding today but don’t know how I feel about going on my own. I will know many people there so I won’t be alone, but Roger should be with me.

Thinking of you
Take care

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Dear @MaryS
Happy Anniversary.
I sincerely hope you find some precious moments to remember precious times with a smile for you and your husband
Be kind and gentle with yourself
Love , hugs and strength

Dear @Liro
Did you manage to go to the wedding.
I really admire you for even thinking about trying to go.
Big hugs