Another 1st done

Well another one done but oh my was this the hardest .
Every year Rob and I would go to Whitby to the soul week end in July but I thought as we had never done the one in September I would go to make a slight difference on what we used to do.
I have enjoyed this week end with my family and friends and Iv had the odd tear here and there.
But now I’m home alone I have come back down to earth with a bump .


Hi Kazzer
Well done for managing to have a good time with people who love you, even though you missed Rob so much I’m sure. My lovely Sunny only died in June, but I’ve already attended a wedding and a holiday to Cornwall, both of which we were SO looking forward to experiencing together. In both cases I struggled, being in the double bed in the hotel and cottage without him. I was surrounded by family but aching for him all the time. I still am. Being with brothers and sisters at the moment is very helpful and distracting for me, but yes, coming back to my house and shutting the door, which is 150 miles from my nearest family, is very very hard. I am getting through more novels than in a very long time- they give my mind a rest from my constant difficult thoughts.
My love and best wishes to you Kazzer, as you continue on this journey that none of us wanted to be on xx

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When you have been with family and friends and you come back to your own surroundings don’t you just come back down to earth with a big bump yet again another reminder that he’s no longer here .
I have tried several times to read but nothing sinks in I used to love reading because as you say it takes you away from reality, but as I am at the moment nothing is sinking in my eyes just drift over the words.
This journey we are on is the absolute worst I wouldn’t wish my worst enemy on it .
You take care and happy reading xx

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