Another bad weekend

Today is another nightmare day. I am crying the whole day (although I am taking regularly Kalms) and could not sleep very well (I am taking Nytol). I try to calm myself down, saying that my beloved husband only wanted that I am happy and content and should not cry but it is not easy to achieve. I do try to keep on going but it seems that is getting harder every day. I am on my own with no living relatives and talking to my friends doesn’t help very much. Nothing seems to help. Getting out of bed every morning is a struggle and costs me lots of energy. Even taking a shower or going shopping takes a lot of my strength. Do other people struggle as I am? I also feel bad if I want to give his clothing to the charity shop or unsubscribe from his email newsletters; is it like I would ban or erase my lovely husband from my life?


I can sympathise with you. My gorgeous fantastic wife sue,s clothes are going to give to the lady who did sues celebration of her life who is our motorcycle club pastor.they run a charity for people who are homeless and people in Africa .i was going to give them to the local charity shop but then thought I would be uncomfortable if i saw someone wearing some of sues clothes.certain items i am keeping. My family are supportive and will help me to start sorting out things .so dont feel like your erasing your husbands memories


Hi I am sorry you are struggling.I lost my wife on the 22 Dec and I have been struggling a lot too, especially on weekends.I am not ashamed to say I still cry it’s normal because we miss them so much.


Hi @Annaessex I can so relate to what you have said. I find everyday a struggle even after fourteen months. I hope it gets better but I just miss my man so much it hurts.x


I have had a bad morning crying and not able to do much as prosthetic leg is playing up


Hi Martyn2. I also lost my wife to cancer and we did not know how bad things really were.We were told on the Thursday that they had found cancer in my wifes hip area a week later she died.l looked after Tanni because she was bedridden but we thought she needed a new hip.I am still in shock 4 months later.Life is so cruel sometimes.Tanni was only 55.


Sue would have been 64 last Wednesday. We were told in November last year that it was lung cancer and on the 8th December that it was pancreatic cancer which had spread to her lungs and liver unfortunately the then told us that nothing could be done for her.we didn’t know that sue was on palliative care which we found out by an ambulance crew that came out on boxing night where sue ended up with antibiotics and the following night called out again because sue went down with sepsis