Another blow

Today on top of everything else, my darling Marian’s cat Sassie had to be put down. Really v emotional as apart from being her cat she was an emotional link to my beloved!
It’s not just me, the rescue Siamese (Dobbie) calling & looking for her.

I never realised the emotional bond to my beloved wife through her cat was so strong & painful.

Prayers/thoughts appreciated very much.

Ps when marian used to do the gardening she always had a robin following her around and we laugh about it.

As I dug the hole for Sassie to bury her in her favourite spot under a bush, a robin flew down and within 2 feet of me and watched me for about 4-5 minutes.!


I know how you feel, I had to have my husbands cat put down in December, she was my link to my husband and i didn’t want to let her go because of that but thankfully I put her needs before my own, I miss her dreadfully though & here goes the grieving again……


Dear Jomar. Sending hugs i know how you feel i had to have our Border Collie Misty put to sleep she was her daddys girl it broke my heart all over again.


Hi Jomar
So sorry for yet anothr loss you have to bear. Oh the power of a pet!!! It is beyond words to explain what they do for us.
My thoughts are with you and that Robin was a definite sign.


Hello Jomar,
This is so sad. After my partner died in his hospital bed in our front room our boy did not move from this area for 1 1/2 months. He was truly grieving for his beloved daddy.
He has moved now and he has slept on our bed months ago.
Unfortunately, he has got cancerous mast cell tumours on his chest. I really hope he can live with this for longer. I would be devastated if I would lose him too…

Lots of strength!!!


I’ve only just seen this message and wanted to add my sympathy too. The bonds with our pets, which link in with time with our lost partners make it even harder when we lose them.
Thoughts and prayers with you.
Karen xxx

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Thank you so much.
It was lovely to put a face to a name, sorry was a quick visit but had phone call that lead to sorting out things for the foodbank I help at today.

Shalom john (and marian) :pray:t2::blue_heart:

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Equally good to see you too @jomar . Maybe you’ll be around longer next week.
Karen xxx

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Hi @jomar, my partner passed away recently. Prior to this, there was a Robin who visited our garden regularly and sat on our garden fence watching my partner in his Man Cave. The robin has been nowhere to be seen since my partner’s passing.
Until my partner’s passing I had never heard the saying “When Robins Appear, Loved Ones are Near” before.


I had never heard of it. Marian loved all wildlife especially the visitors to her garden.
We have had Freda the fox and her cubs, Harriet the hedgehog and her baby and Robbie the robin.
She and her garden are very very special.
I hope you find peace also knowing your beloved was loved by the birds & wild animals also.

Gentle hugs, john (and marian) :pray:t2::dove: