Another day

How do we do it as a family…i feel guilty every minute because we have to at some point try to live again…not stay in this phase…even if i do laugh or forget for a 2nd i feel dreadful…been so busy with it all and now nothing…and no feeling for Christmas at all xxx

I understand just how you feel, Christmas is a non-event to so many of us, you are not alone with that feeling.
You are right about things moving on, at some time we realise that life has moved on even if we don’t feel we have or are part of it. Family and friends seem to forget and act as though you are ‘with’ what is happening but inside your heart is still broken. Losing a special person who has been a part of us doesn’t stop them still being part of us and they will always be part of us, no matter what happens. All we can do is smile and put on that brave face until we are on our own. You take care of yourself and we are always here. S xx

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