Another day

I hate waking up on a morning…and all the pain and heartache of not seeing my mum again feels so raw first thing on a morning…spend most of it in tears.

I don,t have the words to ease you now as I know it is very early days for you. I’m sorry that you have to go through this and that you feel every day to be such a painful burden just now but this will ebb in time.

I think in these situations you get to a point where there is an acceptance in time, it still hurts but your body/mind will become better equipped to cope with your loss.

I’ve been following your posts, keep posting, heed the advise of others. I know you either want to fast forward past all this or just can’t face going on but you just have to do it day by day until you have that acceptance and get your new ‘normal’ whatever that may be. We all have our own story on here but our loss gives us a common connection. It’s no consolation that others are suffering but I have found offering words of comfort to others and venting my own feelings on here certainly help me. It’s easier than reaching to those closer for fear of hurting them. No one here will judge so all are a blessing to each other, including you. You and others on here have put my own misery into perspective.

I read with interest earlier that you cry into your mothers jumper. That is actually quite a healthy thing to do. I have done similar, crying is healthy too so cry if you need to. I would say that you should however speak with your GP again and try to explain how overwhelmed you are just now. He can help you. You should also try to contact Cruse as others have suggested. Either will help you put mechanisms in place to help you going forward.

Take care of yourself…x


I would agree with Pepper, it is early days so crying is very normal. I sleep with one of my Mum’s handkerchiefs as she always held one in bed. Day by day, baby steps is all I can say. You have been through so much.

I am so glad i joined this forum, after a sticky start where I had to rejoin with a new name due a problem with another user I have found it invaluable. We are all in the same club that we never wished to join. Look on it as an extended cyber family. Do have a chat with your GP as Pepper says, don’t leave it as later this week getting an appointment will be near impossible.

Take care
Mel x

Thankyou so much for your kind words pepper and mel…means a lot. Take care. Hugs x