Another first.

Over the weekend I went to my first wedding without my husband. I socialised with the other people on my table during the meal. I was beginning to feel quite pleased with myself. I took a book to read during breakfast and lunch. Then the time for the first dance of the newlyweds. That’s was ok, then all the other couples joined in and I had to run back to my room. The realisation that I had no one to dance with, nor was I likely to have kicked in. I’ve been at rock bottom ever since. My husband passed away in April and on bad days I keep reliving the last 24 hours with him. I just keep hoping it will get better. X

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Your reactions are so understandable, you think you are coping and bang it hits you you are so alone.
I “playback” the last 24 hours ,the last week, his funeral, thing I think I could have done better
It’s just the worst situation in the world to loose the love of your life.My husband died in January this year, has it got better? To a certain degree, but ther is this deep deep sadness and grief inside, that no one can help with. I will miss him until my dying breath


Oh yes, this is the new life that we have to deal with and it is so hard at times.
Wedding are hard normally but now the became extremely difficult and hotels and restaurants really only want to cater for couples. Yes it does get easier, I have found that but the big black hole is always there. These things can’t be ignored, we have to deal with them, life is hard. Don’t know the answer, if you find one let me know. The only thing to say is we know we are not alone with this thing called grief.
Blessings S