Another horrible day

Another horrible day without the love of my life :cry: I feel so lost and broken. We did everything together and had our special places to go. I don’t drive and have medical conditions so feel really isolated now. Not a day went by without us saying I love you to each other. Everything feels pointless. The funeral was last Tuesday and everything feels worse now. Can’t seem to stop crying. I miss him so so much, feels like part of me is missing :cry:


So sorry Sal lost my husband 13month but can only remember bits of his funeral and the weeks after we’re a blur take care of yourself lv annie x


So sorry for your loss a d pain. My husband passed nearly 6 weeks ago now. I like you are suffering so much at the moment, it’s indiscribable. I feel empty, broken and alone. I’ve had a few, what would have been normal days, these days I would call them good days. However, since Friday it feels that all I have so e is cry. I have finally reached out for counselling but not even that is instant, I’m on the waiting list. I suggest you try and get booked on a d not leave it until you are separate.

I hate it when people tell me I have to learn to accept it as it feels like what they are really saying us accept it, cope with it and move in from it but I hear accept it, forget about him and get in with your life. I know that’s not what people .ean but that’s how it feels. My thoughts are with you, take care and keep using this forum xxx