Another long weekend ahead

I have just received a text message from our daughter in law, her dad has been rushed into hospital this morning and needed a 5 pints of blood. Apparently the tablets he has been taken has caused internal bleeding. My God, sometimes the cure is worse than the illness.


Oh no … i hope he’s ok … :frowning: jeez … let us know wont you xx


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@Merle thank you so much xx


Dear Deb,

They let him home this morning, he is tired and washed out but has to go back to hospital in a few days for a tube down his throat to check if the bleeding has stopped. He had cancer last summer and then was rushed into hospital in winter for a triple heart by pass. He has only just recovered from that and now the tablets, they think they are the ones he was taking for cancer has caused the bleeding, but he is also taking different ones for the heart bypass so god knows which tablets have caused it. He is 80 years old.


Thank you all so much for your kind wishes. His wife, our daughter in laws mum who is 76 has just had her breast removed due to cancer which went unspotted by her GP previously.

Our other sons partner’s mum is waiting for a hip replacement and they now think she has cancer on some lumps found inside her eyelid. She is 83 years of age and a diabetic.

Our sons wife, is now dreading her yearly scan to see if everything is still clear after having her kidney removed due to cancer (she was 35 years old when she spotted a lump). Our other son’s partner has just had a knee replacement and is having the other knee done early 2024.

What a terrible time everyone is going through. I am looking after myself, eating healthily etc. because they have enough on their plates without me getting ill.


Aw poor man . Hope hes feeling better :frowning: and they sort it ? If they let him home that’s a good sign Xxx

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Thank you, we are keeping our fingers crossed.