Another loss life is cruel

After losing mum 7 weeks ago my beloved dog died on Friday I just can’t cope anymore. All these emotions which were already raw have just escalated through the roof. I’ve gone back to work and I don’t want to be there people talk to me but I feel like I’m not listening or caring what they say just feel like a zombie and I’m looking in on someone else’s devastation not mine…
Life is just so cruel and unfair I feel lost :sweat:


Dear @Vickyb

I am so sorry to hear of the loss of your mum and dog. Life can be so cruel and we question as to why it all happens at once.

Have you considered booking an appointment with your doctor to let them know how you feel and to see how they can support you? There may be Bereavement support groups in your local area you could join.

You are still in the early stages of grief and it is a horrible roller coaster of emotions. Sue Ryder has useful information on Losing a Parent you can read which may be of help to you.

There is also a Grief Self-Help Service that contains useful information to help you understand and cope with your bereavement and grief.

You are not alone and we are all here to support you. In the search bar if you type Losing a Parent you can connect with members here who have been in a similar situation as yourself.

Please be gentle with yourself by taking one day at a time and continue to reach out here.

Take care.


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@Vickyb so sorry for your loss, I lost my Mam 8 weeks ago, omg I totally adored her shes my best friend. Now absolutely lost and my heart is broken :broken_heart:
I have a cockerpoo called Harry, he loved my mam so much and she did him, he was like her therapy dog.
Harry has been a part of my grieving, don’t know what state I’d be in without him as well.
I truly feel your pain.
How are you doing now? Been a couple of weeks since you wrote on here, hope your getting the support and love you need :heart:

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Hello Jayne
I don’t feel to bad just the house is quiet without him and then I feel I’m talking to mum more in my head and out loud I’m just so sad that I’m never going to see either of them again… I just keep taking each day as it comes it can start fine and end fine but other days start fine and end terribly.
Thanks for you reply
Take care of yourself too x