Another loss

I recently lost my nan this month. She had left body dementia, diagnosed around the time of brother passing in 2022.

I don’t think I’ve fully accepted that’s she’s gone. People are telling me “you’re not reacting the same as last time because it’s not a sibling. Just your nan” like how idiotic to say. It doesn’t matter the relation. She was my nan. I’m not grieving the same because I don’t want to accept it

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Hi @LJC. Im sorry for your losses
Isnt it wonderful how people suddenly turn into experts on grief when they aren’t experiencing it.
Grief as you know is a horrendous journey and its such a shame when people try to tell you how you’re feeling, or should be feeling. We’re all very different and grieve in different ways. There’s no wrong or right way.
On this forum we all understand and are hear to listen and support each other. I’ve felt it’s really helped me since I lost my husband of 42 years just 11 weeks ago

Sending you big hugs


Yes one of the worst things people do is to make judgements when they are not in a position to do so and just make things worse.
Some folk never learn even if you explain.

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People so quick to judge when you lose someone you love you change as a person no doubt .feel anger hurt amongst other things .And people who comment usually havent been through that pain

It really doesn’t get any better.
My nan passed away on 6th May.
It was my brothers 23rd birthday on 30th May (second one without him)
Also found out I was pregnant on 24th May
And now struggling mentally due to an abortion

Just take 1 day at a time a try to keep motivated with going walking but dont really have motivation at all the thought of leaving the house sometimes gets me anxious

You’ve been thorough so much, @LJC :pensive:.

Life definitely isn’t easy especially when you lose people you love definitely feel the loss of my dad it changes you for sure my wife had misscarriage and sometimes that enters your mind its hard to stay positive when facing so many hurdles