Another miserable day

Up at 05:15 this morning. Woke up about 04:30 Tiggy our cat jumped on the bed after loo visit, then the tears started and carried on through having a wash, eating breakfast, out for a walk and as I am writing this, will the grief and pain never go away? I suppose this is a measure of how much I miss my Karen I hope she knows how much I miss her. Must stop now I am overwhelmed by tears.


Hi Pete

I’ve just seen this and want you to know we’re think of you here. Cry all you need and let us know how you’re doing. Glad you have Tiggy.


So sorry, this sounds like my mornings now. I know it’s early days, my husband died less than 2 weeks ago but I just feel my life is empty and I’ll never be happy again. I’m glad you have your cat to look after - I have a dog and he’s what gets me out of bed in a morning.
Sending you best wishes and a hug


Hi - I lost my hubby 3 weeks ago too. Very suddenly. I can’t even imagine how I’ll cope at his cremation in 3 days time. I’m absolutely dreading going but have to be strong for our 3 kids and 6 (+ bump) grandchildren. I hope this pain won’t last forever :broken_heart:

Hi Pauline
My wife died 1st May, like you I was not sure how I would cope with registration of death, arranging funeral etc. somehow I got through it , there is so much to do which takes over your life for a while. We knew each other for 40 years and my late wife persuaded me to get married about 6 years ago, unfortunately neither of us have any family, I have few friends days are empty and lonely.