Another one gone by

Tomorrow would have been my 35th wedding anniversary but it will be my 2nd one without you .
My message to you Rob
Life has been really tough since you passed. Disappointments here and there I miss you so much. Thank you for teaching me never to give up . This has really helped me dealing with the disappointments I face. I want you to be proud of me happy anniversary I love and miss you so much :blue_heart::butterfly::blue_heart::butterfly:


Hi, those special days are hard and even if you know exactly what you want to do those days are still hard. Itโ€™s a high price we pay for all that love we have enjoyed. You sound very brave greeting those disappointments you have survived and by the sound overcome. Tomorrow is another day. Take care Sxx

Susie 123 maybe I should have gone into acting rather than nursing . Everyday I put a brave face on when really I find everyday crucifying . My god send is my friend who lives miles away from me but who is also grieving the loss of her husband . We have messaged each other everyday for two years now . We both have family but they have their lives to get on with and we are left to struggle through ours but thatโ€™s life I suppose .

Oh yes, I have just read your reply and totally agree. I also trained as a nurse and spent the past years acting and saying I am fine when really I am anything but. Life is totally different but itโ€™s something you canโ€™t talk to people about how you feel unless they are like your friend, thatโ€™s fantastic. We have to accept what we are given and just get on with it. Hope the future holds joys and not disappointments. Take care of yourself. S xx

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Lovely words. Michael x

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