Another sleepless night?

Been up most of the night again wake up few times during the night.
Or have bad dreams sick of it.
Had panick attack past 2 nites

H. S47. I’m so sorry to hear how you feel, but me being sorry won’t get you far. You need help. Have you seen your GP? It may be that short term medication may help. Counselling can help too. Why ‘stick it out’ alone when help is available.
Bad dreams will come as will sleeplessness. With many it’s all part of this awful process of grieving.
Try not to afraid of panic attacks. This is the result of the anxiety you now feel after your loss. Panic always has it’s roots in fear. You are fearful of the future and what may happen. When you feel panic take deep breathes, sit and TRY to relax. TRY is the word and it’s very difficult I know. Adrenaline, the fear hormone that causes panic has a limited life. It will always subside if you don’t add fear to fear. It’s the ‘second fear’ that keeps it going. The ‘what ifs’ and the ‘oh my goodness’. Panic won’t harm you even though you may feel you are going to die.
Take it easy, a day at a time. Everything passes and so will this. Nothing will be the same ever, but we do learn to live with it.
Take care and be kind to youeslf. John.

No ive not seen the gp & dont want to take medication
I will be ok.
Im going try get ready go out a walk
Yesi had 1 off early support session for counselling but now need to wait 6 months for to be put on the waiting list for
berevement .counselling.
Panick attacks yesi had them before.
Just had lot to cope with recently

Hello S47. I think you’re very wise not wanting to take medication to help you sleep. I know many do and if it helps then all well and good. But it’s not for me. It’s almost 3 years since I lost my beloved husband and sleep is still hit and miss. I’m ok with it. I don’t fight it. I just go with it, toss and turn for a while, get up, make a hot drink, read and then try again. I think try not to worry about it. As John says it’s all part of this terrible grief. I don’t think there’s any better remedy than no medication, fresh air and walking, which you’re doing already. Sending love xx


Thankyou :heart: