Another sleepless night

Alone in my darkness I still see your face,
sometimes your presence and your warm embrace.
I look 'round the house; it’s calling your name,
but nothing I see here quite feels the same.

I then feel a shiver run right down my spine.
I hear you say, “Baby, everything’s fine.”
“I’m here watching over you; I’m right by your side.
Through the rough and the smooth I will gently guide,”

So I close my eyes and I see you smile,
and I can see you for a while,
and I know one day that we will meet
together forever, our journey complete.


Hello ,
That is a beautiful poem . So sorry for your loss .
Take care.
Love Angie xx

Thanks. S xx

Beautiful poem xx
I lost my father recently and my Mother 5 years ago ,trying to smile ,get through the days and every night for the past 3 weeks have cried myself to sleep. Life can be cruel ,all we can do is close our eyes remember the good times and the good memories of loved ones :broken_heart:

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