Another Sunday......

I don’t know why so many of us find the weekends more difficult to navigate but to all those who may be struggling a little today I send my love and a link to a song which always lifts me a little…I hope it helps you too! God blessx


Oh, my gosh AG. Well, we have talked about tears, but that one got me going for sure. It’s OK, no problem. So many times people say ‘oh you must listen to that song’ only be a bit disappointed. Not that one. How thoughtful and kind. Thank you so very much.

Thank you Amelie’sgran, Just what I needed today. Sunday’s are my most difficult days. I dread that day and wish I could just sleep through it. I used to spend every Sunday with my Mom and Sister. Now both are gone. Blessing to you as well. Xxxx Sister2

Hi lovely lyrics and sentiments upset me but made me feel good to sitting here thinking and wondering if my Jane is waiting for me when its my turn.
Kind regards and thanks
Metal mickey 69

Hi. Such a beautiful song … bittersweet. Thank you for posting.
I also find weekends the most difficult. I have finally joined some hobby groups and enjoy them very much. It does help to be occupied but I have concluded that you need to go through the hurt, the grieving, the raw pain of losing part of you…in order to be able to come through in some form of adjusted self…keeping your memories and your loved one close. Being busy is a sideline that occupies time and can be positive, but it won’t heal a broken heart…that needs to be worked through day after day. Some days better than others and that’s okay. It takes time and patience and no two people will have the same story.
I hope tomorrow will be a better day for anyone reading.
Annette x

I agree Annette, I was always busy, then I realised I was running away and burying my pain in my busyness but now after bereavement counselling x1 I’m facing it, it’s painful and hard but think because I buried it it will always seek u out, if that makes sense.
I’m going to a bereavement group for 6 sessions next month, I find great comfort fro this site and others who truly understand, I hope I can comfort them too.

Hi Coops. Yes I do believe that your grief has to be faced head-on at some time and when that time is varies for each person. It’s hard to do it when the loss is new and almost seems unbelievable. For me after 14 months I’m still plodding my way through but I do feel more confident in my choices now than earlier. If I cry, I cry. If I enjoy an outing, I enjoy. If I have a bad day, tomorrow will be better.
I do hope your bereavement group is a positive support and help for you…I expect it will be. It is a comfort to have the warmth of others going through the mill.
Be well . Annette x

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Dear AG thank you! Thank you. Beautiful lirycs! So glad I logged in after some very down days.
Tks xx

A beautiful song to hear for the first time at 3.28am. It’s exactly how I feel and special as music has always was and remains my lifeline to my husband. Thank you AG x

Yes your Jane is waiting for you and will be the first to greet you when you cross over. I had all these fears until I had a reading with a medium who could never have known the things she told me if it were not my husband speaking to her and I now have comfort in the knowledge that he is close to me every day as is your Jane and they will never leave us. It is still hard to wake. Every day and not know how to fill the day or how to get through without crying and the only way through is to talk to people who understand either in person or via this support group. Take care

I have just listened to song and it is so beautiful. Of course I cried, looking at Simons picture. Thank you for posting it.
Love Janet xx

It is a lovely song and bound to make us cry but still comforting when we really listen to the words. As another week draws to an end love and thoughts to everyone and the hope that we will ALL get through the weekend as I know most of us find that the hardest time to deal with

Carmen xx

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Dear AmeliasGran.
I have just listened to your song. Absolutely beautiful.
It seemed to have brought my husband so close to me.
Thank you so much for sharing.
Gods blessing Irene x

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