Another Sunny Saturday

Good morning to all my friends in this community.

I just wanted to give you all a big virtual hug, as we all try to cope with another lonely weekend, while everyone around us appears to be enjoying the sunshine.

Big, big hugs :hugs::hugs::hugs::hugs: :hugs::hugs::hugs::hugs:


Thank you @Cathphil. Weekends are always so difficult especially when it’s sunny. I’ve got a big list of things I’m going to do today. Trying to focus on that and hope the time passes without too many tears or feelings of hopelessness. Sending big hugs right back to you. Xx


Thank you @Jan17
I haven’t much to do today, except for a few boring, necessary housey things like washing and cleaning?!!
Garden needs some attention but I still can’t face that😱

Tomorrow our puppy is 1 year old.
I met him when he was only 3 weeks old. My husband met him when he was 7 weeks old when we took our other dog to meet the puppy.
He came to live with us when he was 10 weeks old. He and my husband had 12 days together. I will be so sad tomorrow. Phil (my husband) would love Bobby the puppy, as much as he did Treacle. Im so sad they didn’t get to know each other more.:disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved:

The lovely thing is that the breeder, is also a groomer. And she cuts the dogs hair for me ( they are Bichons so don’t malt). Treacle was a due a haircut, so we are going tomorrow, so Bobby will see his first human mummy, find his doggie mummy on his 1st birthday.
Bobby will probably get a little birthday trim too :wink:


This week has been hard. I look fine on the outside and even look like I’m getting on with life, with a smile but I have a real battle going on inside :pensive: life sucks right now and all my positivity has gone out the window x


@Cathphil my to do list is just boring housey stuff, some shopping and maybe go for a coffee (on my own). Just trying to fill my day a bit more to give me less time to dwell. Not sure if it will work.
Sounds like you have a nice day planned for tomorrow. Hope you have a lovely time. Will be sad your husband not being part of it but I guess we have to try to get used to this :broken_heart:. Hope your weekend is as good as it can be. Xx

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@Ali29 sorry you are having a bad day. Sometimes it just hits and there is nothing we can do. I have been a bit better last few days and really trying to be more positive and motivated. Inside I’m still a crying, anxious, lonely mess though. I feel in order to progress I have to at least try. Sending hugs

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@Jan17 we definitely do because if we don’t, there’s no point . Hope your good days continue. :heart:

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So sorry @Ali29 you are struggling this week, grief is so much like a whirlwind and can send you into these spirals when you are thinking and feeling you are taking a step forward. I guess this is our ‘new normal’. the hardest bit is putting on the outside ‘face’ which says you look and feel fine when inside its turmoil. For me I hang onto those more positive moments that do come periodically, which says this is another ambush and not a step backwards, and will be part of my journey. I hope you can find some peace and the weekend is gentle on you. Hugs xxx

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Thanks @sandi and hopefully see you soon x

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@Cathphil a virtual hugs is lovely :people_hugging:
I find having jobs to keep me occupied is the only way to get through the lonely weekends. Having motivation to get up and start the jobs however is another matter.

@Ali29 so sorry you’ve had another bad week. This journey is so hard. I know for me I may look ok on the outside but you don’t need to scratch under the surface far to see that I’m not.
Every day is a struggle but we fight on because we know we have to for ourselves and our partners. It’s so difficult and draining though fighting all of the time. X


Stay strong and wishing you a peaceful weekend. Thinking of you :revolving_hearts: