l was on these for years until the mid '90s, until the day after my husband’s funeral then l was hit by a sledgehammer of grief, that went on for days.

l thought l needed these pills, managed to get some from the doctor, but somehow couldn’t bring myself to take them until my next tsunami hit, so l took only half a tablet to see if they would help.

That was the worse thing l could have done. The side effects was from the top of my head right through my body, somuchso l really thought l was going to join my husband and it frightened me, so l took to my bed and prayed l would sleep through it.

When l woke up l threw away the pills. Never again!

l did google sedative and found that chamomile tea is natures own form of sedative. l actually had the tea in my cupboard as l like it, plus it is a good remedy for stomach wind.

It does help to bring my anxiety down, but my sister said not to deny my body’s need to release such anguish, crying was the only way to get through this pain, so that is what l do.

l laughed as l remembered my husband’s comment when he knew l had taken the tea for wind, because the side effect was the release of wind naturally. Haha!

thank you for reminding me about rescue remedy. lm having some delivered today including a night time version to help me sleep.

Hi Lotswife and Milliemmollie
Thank you so much for posting your experiences on natural remedies. Such a sound and sensible approach about antidepressants.
I am a sound believer in Natural remedies and just can’t understand why depressants are taken for grief and your sister is quite correct Lotswife as we do have to get through the grief and release the anguish to slowly get through it.
I agree there are natural remedies that do not cause such distressing side affects and the possibility of dependency. Aromotherapy oils can also help to calm the mind. But sometimes a good cry is the best thing.