Anxiety and depression

Ive suffered with depression in the past and anxiety…well it feels like always. My anxiety got worse after my grandad passed 15 months ago and i tried self help, self hypnosis etc. Asked for help from gp and was sent links for above, and told to self refer. Unfortunately, my partner passed away just as i self referred so i didnt go through with it. However, ive signed up again, expecting that my anxiety and depression would no doubt get worse. I spoke to a wonderful lady who said she felt a moderate to severe depression and severe anxiety (no surprises there). She’s signed me up to do cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT) as she feels the anxiety needs tackling, but counselling may be something i could do in the future if needed. If this had been suggested years ago, i would have run for the hills, but now i welcome it, i really do need support and the tools to help myself. Has anyone else felt this way?

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Well I can understand what you are going through, I lost my mum at a really bad time, it was a sudden death and left me in shock, I went to a therapist for CBT but nothing helped me, all I understood is a community that understands or if you can be a part of support group can really understand what you are going through, I can imagine how difficult it could be for you but you can overcome this and always be with your daughter.
Please try Yoga, 10K steps walk or even swimming, that helps me a lot. Always here if you want to talk in detail and express your emotions.

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Hi I’m new to this and suffered from depression for many years, both my parents did and it was something I was raised around unfortunately. For me it’s got a lot worse since losing my parents in 2022 and then my brother in January. I’m receiving counselling and I’m actually asking for help now which I’ve never done. It doesn’t make how you feel go away but it does help to know I’ve support now.
It’s definitely something I’d recommend to anyone going through a dark time, it’s not weak to ask for help it’s a strength
Take care X


Oh yes. You are not alone. Good luck.