Anxiety and dread

Not sure if I’m allowed to be in this group as I haven’t lost the people that I will speak about.
I suffer such fear, anxiety, dread,heartache that I’m going to lose my parents soon and I’m not sure I can deal with it. I have read serval posts of people’s loss and it brings me to tears that I will have to go through it but I don’t think I can…how do you still remain not only strong but get out of bed and put a foot forward. I’m from a small family so there are no grandchildren just me and my brother. Every day the fear gets worse.

try to find some talk therapy or natural remedies to calm anxiety
… yoga?

you cannot stop the passage of time no more than you can reach out and stop the Earth’s orbit. and if you do not find ways to soothe yourself, you will not enjoy the time you do have.
easier said than done, I know.
but it is the only way.

iost mine. only child. I made mistakes because I was so overwhelmed … I loved my parents. but five years later, I cope. but I miss them terribly. but even I had to endure it. at least you have your brother.

that is all I can recommend. one day at a time. lucky you have them still to tell them you love them take them to lunch. then when those days do come you won’t have the regrets of not doing enough.



I lost both my parents within 4 years of each other. I come from a large family but don’t have much contact with them. In fact I hadn’t spoken to any of my family in over 20 years. It was only when my mum passed away that my sister finally found me and made contact. I made it to her funeral and made up with my dad. It gave me 4 years with him but there is always the regret of the lost years.
Please cherish the time you have with them, I know it comes to all of us in time but try not to dwell on it , it may be years or months but live for now, and try not to worry about the future,whatever that may hold
Take care