Anxiety/ loneliness

Has anyone else found that even afte 3 years things are still so hard. I still suffer anxiety and struggle to find any enjoyment . In 52 and dread more years feeling like this


I do not know what it will be like in three years time but hope it will not be as bad if if I am still around.
I am better when can get absorbed in something.
Been pottering in and outside as bit of sunny weather.


I’m definitely not as bad as I was. I’m just exceptionally lonely and there seems to be no purpose anymore. One day just roles into the next. I’ve tried meeting new people but I just feel awkward and out of place.


Hi @Suze1 feel just like you. It is just over two years for me and I still feel the same. I’m lost and can’t find my way forward. We were together fifty years and to now be without him is horrendous. Like you I have no purpose but so wish it improves. But without him in my life for however long that might be is so daunting. Take care.X


Yeh i agree anout getting absorbed into something. I was umming and arring whether to keep my husbands allotment on but glad i did tbh as its given me an outlet and also doing all that digging and weeding has helped with stress too. However i find some days i just wanna sit and be quiet too xxx


Hi @Suze1, its 3 years 3 months for me. I’ve only just retired so now I don’t have work to keep my mind occupied, I try to keep myself busy, even if its just only going for a walk.
I feel better than I did, and the tears aren’t as often, but I still find somedays harder than others. Doug is constantly on play back in my mind.
I do have some good friends and very supportive children, but I still find the evenings the worst time.
Is what I have found, now I have my free bus pass. I go on bus journeys from one town to another and home again. Doug was a PSV driver and it makes me feel closer to him. I’ve also just booked a coach holiday, first holiday on my own, it was something we used to do together when he had to stop driving due to his health. I’ve never driven.
What I do think after 3 years, I can’t bring Doug back no matter how much I want to. But I’ve become content now with my new reality and do the best I can with the support I have around me.
For me I don’t need or want anyone else in my life, but I know that’s not for everyone. I feel so lucky to have met, married and loved my wonderful Doug and that’s enough for me.
Debbie xx


Well yesterday I am glad I went to the tea and quiz we used to go to together sometimes. Lots ladies in same boat.
We shared laughing at this lovely support dog who was a lovely black labrador. He was so funny. He had these expressive eyes and was responding to everyone. He was tied up at the front and we were hearing the answers to the quiz and he kept making doggy noises and had everyone in fits like he was trying to give his opinion. There was cake over and he was so funny wanting a titbit only he had to have his own instead. Funny little things along the way. There are lots dogs getting walked outside my house and they all strain to say hello. Makes my day when I pull weeds out of the garden. Yes I do it bit by bit. Not very big but feels quite a lot to do. Something about it. Seems worthwhile. He always did it. It isn’t as good as last year with all this rain, wind etc played havoc really but what is left is valiantly trying like me