Could I ask if anyone feels crippling anxiety follow loss?
I feel so scared and not sure how to cope.
Thank you

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@AlysonandSteve hi Alyson. This anxiety was the worst thing for me. I could not cope with it. I tried yoga meditation hypnotherapy counselling but still was crippled with anxiety. Two years on I was struggling dreadfully and in the end I went to my GP I take antidepressants which has helped. When the fog clears and the numbness the stark reality of being alone hits and it has taken a long time to cope with. I felt and to some extent still do feel a loss of purpose. I had given up work to look after my husband after him suffering with pneumonia and other health conditions. Out of the blue he had a cardiac arrest and a month later after never regaining conscious passed away. Coping with that and retirement almost finished me. I do yoga now walk my dog and go out with a few close friends and my sister. Life is very different. Some days I cope better than others. I have developed a routine as without anxiety grows. It helps me feel grounded and with purpose. I hope this helps. Sending hugs. Keep posting. I am here to talk if you need to x