Is anyone struggling with anxiety, it’s really got a grip of me and stopping me from doing anything constructive. Any thoughts?
Thanks :heart:


I havent dealt with anxiety personally but im around if you just need to message someone to help distract yourself :heart:


Thanks Ally6 I appreciate that, not sure if it’s the thought of going back to work, I’ve got another week off sick and thinking of ringing work to go back on reduced hours, thanks again :heart:

Id definitely talk to them about it if you’re normally working full time hours, because i think it can cause a real strain on the body and mind trying to hold everything in all day long, plus your head is trying to process grief in the background whilst functioning at work - you may find it extremely tiring. I think youd need to get another GP cert saying you need a phased return so depending how speedy your gp surgery is you might want to get that appointment booked in readiness.

Sue Ryders website also have some advice about returning to work - not sure if you’ve seen it Returning to work after bereavement - supporting you | Sue Ryder

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Thanks Ally6
Good advice I’m sick of feeling guilty about being off work :sob:
Take care and thanks again :heart:

Dont feel guilty - its admirable youre committed to your job but your wellbeing comes first :heart:

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You’re right about that, I’ll bookmark this post and keep reading it, how are doing in this mad new world? Hopefully well :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Struggling a lot - i lost my job whilst caring for mum and havent yet felt strong enough to start looking for work, but i know im going to have to eventually. I really need my counselling to start to help me feel stronger, trying to do this alone is just too much.

Do you live alone? I do and I sometimes I wish I had someone here to lean on but then again when I get through this hell at least I’ll know I did it for myself and be stronger for it. I’ve had 7 lots of counselling and think its helpful, just not the miracle I thought it would be. I hope you get yours soon and be kind to yourself :heart:

Hi @Pixiecat I am struggling with anxiety at the minute, it comes in waves. I’ve been wakening with this sickening knot of anxiety that sits somewhere between my chest and stomach. I lost my dad on the 27th January, I’ve a lot of regret and guilt about things and also still some financial things to deal with and the collection of his ashes, I put it all down to that hanging over me and also guilt about being off work. I also got another week sickline and prescription for beta blockers to relieve the physical symptoms of the anxiety. I have to say they do work temporarily but the anxiety builds again. I actually came on here today to post re anxiety when I saw your post. This morning I woke but felt so anxious that I felt froze, it felt like I couldn’t move. Its like a bolt of anxiety when I wake. It’s hard to push past and then hard to find motivation. I was trying to tidy up but stopped for a second it was as though someone had pressed play on a series of snapshots in my mind of dad’s passing. I think this has all been more traumatic than I have let myself believe. My GP advised if anxiety hadn’t settled within another two weeks to consider counseling. Have you spoke with your GP about your anxiety. Endless cups of hot tea, hugging cushions and talking chip away at it a little. Walking helps, I don’t do enough of it! I got Zen colour app on my phone it plays relaxing music while you colour, It’s good for a distraction. Big hugs, keep talking.

Yes i live alone and thats when i find it so desperately hard - when those really bad waves hit and you just need someone to come put their arm round you. And then it spirals because its in those moments of feeling so alone it makes me even more aware of mum not being here, because shes the one id naturally call in times of distress.

Hi Pixiecat,

Yes - in the first few weeks, and maybe months, I definitely had anxiety, from the moment I woke up. It generally persisted while I was still in bed, so I’d get up and go and sleep on the sofa instead.

Just to back up Ally’s advice re: a phased return, I have been off sick for just over 3 months, and am going back on a phased return from Monday. My employer insisted that I have a phased return. I have requested a note from the GP to say that I am only fit to return on a phased return with reduced hours and amended duties. My employer and I agreed to an 8-week phased return. In the first week, I’m doing 3 half days, and then in the second week I’m doing 4 half days.

Hiya basically that’s me in a nut shell. My mam passed on 15th January, can you believe it was blue Monday. I never thought of talking to my GP again, sometimes you just don’t see the obvious. This anxiety has come on more intensely since I started to think about work. I think I’ll ring on Monday
I do walk every day as I have a dog but like you probably not enough
Thanks for the tip about the app I’ll have a look, I also find meditation helps to get me to sleep but I still wake in the night
Wishing you peace going forward


Hiya I’ve actually been reading up regarding going back to work and I’m thinking of ringing my employer next week, the last week of my sick note. My mam’s funeral was only 2 weeks ago today and I feel so raw still.
I’m ringing my GP next week and see from there, unfortunately I’ve found not all GPS are the same and I’m at a new surgery so it’s a bit like pot luck who you see
Good luck with your phased return, hope it’s just what you need xx


I see. I haven’t seen a GP (or any healthcare professional) at all during my absence. I rang for a note initially and have requested one online (using PATCHS) every time after that.

Hi Ally6
I’ve just been walking my dog and l was thinking the exact same thing about calling on my mam in times of crisis, they always know what to say and you instantly feel better.
It’s a total nightmare but I just have to trust that on day the physical and emotional pain disappears and I’ve been told that’s what happens and you just have good memories and can smile and laugh again (I wish!!)
Take care and keep posting xx

Yes, I have anxiety pretty much all my waking hours. It spikes in the mornings and sometimes during the evening, but never really abates. :pensive: Distractions can work, going for walks, doing something that requires your complete focus. Our pets, of course.

Going back on reduced hours sounds like a good idea, I hope that works!


Hi that’s what I did really expect I had a telephone appointment initially. It’s only reading posts on here that an actual face to face appointment might just help, do you think you might benefit, just a thought
Take care xx

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