I have now lost both my parents and a sibling. I am finding I only feel safe around my family. I even feel anxious when I go out of my normal surrounds with my family. Is this a normal part of grief ? I lost my mum recently. I have a husband, children and grandchildren. I know death happens to us all and I know all the logical thinking but don’t understand the anxiety


So sorry for your loss. Yes, anxiety has tended to feature for a few of us. In the first few months after losing my dad I didn’t want to be away from my mum for too long. It’s such a sad situation we all find ourselves in.

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Does it fade and get better. I keep trying to do things to try and beat my fears

So sorry for your loss. Ive struggled with anxiety since losing my Dad last year and am currently reading ‘Anxiety - The Missing Stage of Grief’ by Claire Bidewell Smith which you may find helpful.