I lost my mum 5 years ago when I was 28yrs old and my Dad 6 months ago when i was 32yrs old. Since losing my mum ive struggled with anxiety mainly, but also bouts of depression. Mental health issues run in my maternal family and ive always been a worrier.
I was off work for 6 months when my Dad was unwell and then passed away but when i went back to work in March i felt ready to do it with some adjustments (dropping one day a week and ensuring i have regular breaks). I work in the NHS. I live in my parents house with my partner but we are renovating a house we bought last year and the plan is to move into that house and sell my parent’s house later in the year.
Recently ive struggled with Fathers day, the anniversary of my mums death and the passing of my neighbour who i have lived next to my whole life and was like a grandmother to me.
My anxiety got too much and i called in sick last week. My head is full of thoughts, im struggling to relax and to sleep, having lots of dreams and cant concentrate.
Does anyone else really struggle with anxiety?
I felt like I had got on top of it and was coping really well and now i feel like im back at square one.


Hello @Yellow3,

I’m so sorry to hear you’re struggling with anxiety at the moment. It sounds like you’ve been through an awful lot and it’s understandable that it can get too much.

I just wanted to share our support page on the physical symptoms of grief with you - perhaps it may be helpful to take a look at.

Have you been back to your GP? Please do think about making an appointment with them and seeing what support they can offer you - you don’t have to do this alone.

Keep reaching out and take care,

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@Yellow3 reading this it is very similar to how I am feeling. I lost my Mum 4 years ago & my Dad 3 months ago. I feel I’m in a constant state of anxiety. I have had no support after returning to work. I only had 4 weeks off. Nobody asks how I am & I feel so alone. My Dad had Cancer & I grew even closer to him in the last year when he got sick. I watched him suffer when he passed. I am just heartbroken :broken_heart:

@LouiseD72 I’m so sorry to hear how you are feeling and that nobody is supporting you at work, that must be very difficult :disappointed:. I think sometimes people dont know what to say to someone that is grieving and they worry they will make them cry (but sometimes that is what we need).
Even though I have friends and my partners family I still feel very alone. I think thats the thing with losing parents, its made me feel very alone and scared, almost like a child again, a child who needs a parent.
Are you getting any support like counselling?

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No I’m not having counselling. It feels very daunting trying to get counselling.
I feel like I’m not me now without him in my life. I have a great husband & kids but I still feel empty :disappointed:
Thanks for your kind words. If you ever feel alone you can message me x

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