Anxious about funeral

We’ve been making the arrangements for my grandad’s funeral. It’s on 13th March. I feel so anxious about it all. Because my mom (grandads daughter) has been struggling with her mental health for a few years, i’ve stepped in to help nan and uncle. I know I’m goin to be in pieces on the day and not sure how I can remain calm. We’ve discussed the service and come to agree on leaving the curtains open, as this is the most painful part. I feel now maybe they should be closed? However the family have all said they want them open. It’s so hard doing all this :frowning: i really wish i could confide to my mom but with her psychosis illness she really struggles :(. It hurts so much i just wish my grandad hadn’t passed :cry:

Hi @Katie_Sunflower
Sorry to hear of your sad loss, in the grand scheme of things, funerals are really just about saying goodbye, when my mom passed, I didn’t go to the funeral because I don’t believe in them, instead, I visited her body at the funeral parlour before the funeral, I’d written a letter to her saying my goodbyes, & put it in her coffin with her, so the day of the funeral, I went out for the day, & took some time out for myself, though I did choose the walkout music at the end of mom’s funeral, it was Bowling for soup singing Turbulence. :pensive:
I would say it’s natural to feel anxious, but I’m sure you’ll get through it, sending hugs of support.

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