Any one lost a twin sister or brother

Hi is there any one who as lost a twin sister or brother I lost mine to breast cancer , in December 2020 , I’m finding it hard to get on with my life with out her, all I’m doing is thinking is she ok , I had to go to the cemetery every day just to make sure she was ok , I’m just won’t to know how others coped and how they got on with there life’s

Maria, I only answering your post so it goes back up the page. I did see your post on Sunday and it was answered by my beautiful colleague Pepsi and hope others may pick it up.
The bond between twins is something that is so strong and different to other relationships and I know the link I had with my sister who died the other year bears no resemblance to you and your twin. I miss my sister greatly and sometimes I feel her presence telling me to talk to husband and then find he’s having a bad day.
Take care Sxx

I’m not a twin but was marred to one of two female twins. I was married to June for nearly 44 years. Both suffered different Cancers and June also suffered from Multiple Sclerosis for decades. June’s death resulted from an undiagnosed cause to either of the known diseases she suffered from and was extremely unexpected and sudden. June died while sat down as I held her in my arms. No goodbye or conversation and I was not able to revive June neither could the paramedics. My life was destroyed in the space of 30 minutes just 5 weeks ago.

I know how close twins are. June and her twin sister used to get each other’s pains. They sent each other the same greeting cards on occasion and even bought each other same clothing as presents. They even talk alike. Being a non twin I thought this was amazing and still do. I have spent time with June’s sister since but don’t want to become a pest and outstay my welcome. I have included June’s twin in everything I have done planning wise and will continue to do so.

I wish you well and hope you feel stronger very soon. Take care.

Hi thanks for your reply , I do agree twins do have the same thoughts we have bought the same things , one year we bought our Mam the same birthday card and we went to the same shop but not together . Claire was the more out going one I just sat and listen , our personalities were totally different she loved to get dressed up , I’m happy in jeans and t-shirt . At the moment I’m finding it hard to get on with my life with out her . We didn’t see each other every day but We would phone each other Up or we would call at each other’s home .

Maria, it’s hard to let go, uou can’t go all Yr life, close to someone and expect to get over it quickly, you already know this, take Yr time, grief comes in different waves, and levels and changes by the hour, minutes or days.

I feel your pain. I lost my twin brother in 2020, we were 35. I can’t move on.