Any tips for getting through the funeral?

It’s my darling husbands funeral tomorrow. I’ve done what I can to make it how I think he would want it. He had no plans, we had no plans he was only 38 so we never expected to have to plan anything. It’s going to an incredibly emotional day we are going to be surrounded in friends and family (some of them we haven’t seen in years) I want to stay strong for our little boy but fear I may break down in front of him. I wish I could just pop a pill and Zombie my way through the day but that is not an option with a 4 year old.

I am so sorry you have lost your husband and so young too. You must be devastated as you try and come to terms with what has happened while looking after your precious little one. Hopefully you have lots of support as you get through the days, weeks, months ahead.
Funerals I think are a very personal thing to each of us and there’s nothing I can say that will ease the grief you are feeling. From my own experience and reading others in this forum somehow you just get through, let the tears flow i sobbed the entire time and I needed to as trying to hold emotions isn’t always best. If either you or a family member can explain to your little one that sometimes grown ups cry too when they are hurting and that it’s okay to be sad then you are all prepared.
Sending lots of love
Jen x

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Hi Lost xxx
Was it today?
Hope you got through the day x
Very emotional day especially if not everyone knew the full story x
For me it’s 8 weeks, still incredibly painful but I’m surviving. Just