Anyone awake

Cant stop wakening early. Feel bad. X

Im the same! Can’t seem to sleep and thoughts racing through my mind constantly. I feel terrible.

I am the opposite, can’t stop sleeping. Think I am so exhausted from crying and emotionally drained that by 11pm I am out like a light and that’s me till 10am :sleeping: I usually fall asleep in the afternoon as well :roll_eyes: isn’t it strange how grief affects us all differently.

I was same, after losing my husband to sudden death 10months ago. I have sleeping tablets off GP now as my mind didn’t switch off. Xx

Nearly, every night I’m sleep very poorly. My mind moves from one thing to another. My mind won’t switch off.

That’s why I have to take medication as I’d never sleep :cry::cry: my mind won’t stop thinking about what happened

I’m not working at the moment, so if I have a truly poor night i can always get up a little later in the morning.
I’ve almost taken poor sleep, as being the norm. No wonder i feel over-whelmed.

I was in shock when my husband died 10 months ago at age 55. Sudden Death at work. I cried so much, didn’t eat anything just drank coffee then I never slept, mind would not stop thinking of the events of that day! I still have medication to help me sleep so I can function the next day. If I didn’t take anything I know I wouldn’t sleep, I can’t stop thinking about it. Get something off your GP. They do help! Xxx if I didn’t I’d probably drink to block the pain. Xx

In the beginning I could sleep for 12 hours and nap in the afternoon. Now my sleep pattern is steady but I do wake up 4/5 times a night briefly. Heart pounding.

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Awww when you lose someone so very hard , your awake you think of them, close your eyes and we can see them, like a living nightmare somedays. I miss my husband so much , nothing can change what happened I need to get through it. Sleep helps , your more able to do things. Xx

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I get awful nightmares too. They are not as frequent. But they do happen. It’s so unsettling too.

I have medication to sleep, in my case it was prescribed because of chronic back pain a long time ago. I have been so thankful for it, since my dear husband, passed away.
Love to everyone,
MaryL x x x

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I couldn’t cope without sleep, especially if it’s been a bad day. Xxx

Neither could I. Karen, sometimes my medication does not take effect, i know it is agony not being able to sleep. I feel really sorry for those who are plagued by insomnia. My late husband could have slept on a clothes line, he slept during the day too. Being without our other halves is so painful i bet many of us here thought we would never survive, Yet we have survived and we must for the sake of all those who care about us. I realise that there are some of you who haven’t got family and it must be very hard being so alone. Our daughter and son live 80 miles from us in opposite directions, I always include Stan in any posts which I write, I miss him so much, yet I am confident that when the time is right we shall be together again.
Blessings, admiration and love to all of you,


Dear Mary, not a day, hour goes by Steve is not in my thoughts, sometimes I think what’s it all about Life? It’s about Live, living life to the full, happy, and sad times, we are stronger than we actually realise. My daughter said Steve did me no favours for all he did for me , I relied on him too much, but that’s Love isn’t it​:heart: He looked after me so well. I miss his laughter and love so much. Time hopefully will ease this pain. :broken_heart::cry::cry::cry:

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Dear Karen,
I do understand how you are feeling, Stan is with me all the time, I think about him constantly. He was a good and gentle man. I too wonder about life and I have realised that we are stronger than we thought possible, if I had known, say a year ago that he only had 6 months to live, I would have gone out of my mind. Your Steve sounds to have been a lovely man and the kinder they are to us makes us miss them all the more.
I have got another big worry, yesterday our grandson who is 30 years old was rushed into hospital with a suspected clot on his lung, thank fully after x-rays he has been diagnosed with pleurisy. A very painful condition but hopefully the antibiotics will ease his pain. He hasn’t been well since Stan passed away, they were very close, friends as well as granddad and grandson, Stan taught him how to fish, shoot and gave him a love of the countryside. I feel so sorry for Kieron, he cannot bear to talk about Stan. I wish he would and I could reassure him, he is a lovely lad ( I would say that wouldn’t I :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:.
Take good care of yourself, dear Karen,
Mary x x x

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Mary , I hope your family are all ok, losing a good man is hard, as Steve was amazing husband, I miss everything about him. My son doesn’t talk too much about him either, like your boys, he struggling a lot coming to terms with his sudden death and knowing it could have been avoided. We’re all very angry about this too which adds to the grief, his death is being investigated so hopefully we’ll have more answers soon. I’m going to my sons for a few hours, change of scenery. I get up get through the day, cry a lot, I can’t say much more at this moment as I just miss him. Xxxx