Anyone else can't sleep???

Lost my mum and brother last year, and I still can’t sleep at night. Brain will not switch off!!!


Hi Angie

Sleeplessness is a habit I seem to have fallen into as well. I can actually sleep fairly well but sadly not during the night. Once you are in that situation it’s really hard to find your way out isn’t it.

I’m sorry about your double loss, that must be a lot to come to terms with. I lost my Husband several years ago and my mum just in December.

Kindness to you.

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Hi, having had and still have nights that are very poor in sleep, I tried alternative therapies and I can sleep really well some nights not ever night but some. Much better then tablets or alcohol. It’s worth trying and if one works for you, that’s great. There is also something about a weighted blanket that’s worth looking into. Hope this helps. S xxx

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Khitai angie 15months since my husband passed don’t sleep get up every morning at 2 my brain works overtime lv annie x x

Hi, I can relate and feel some comfort knowing I’m not alone reading your replies. I have always been a night owl, but through choice. Now I want to scream some nights because I just cannot sleep, and it can be so lonely. However I can sleep during the day, I hate hearing the world carry on as normal during the day and sleeping through that is bliss, so I do appreciate the quiet of the night, however it’s so very lonely. That’s why I made this post, I knew I couldn’t be the only one who felt this way x


I don’t know how much you believe it but if you wake up every night at the same time they say it’s the loved ones soul coming to meet you. I wake up every day at 2-4am and I feel the presence of my mom.

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That’s what happened with me John was I’ll 10month watching him all the time any noise a could not sleep so lucky if I get 3hours sleep know take care annie x x

Hi Angie, its 5 years since my lovely Jan went, and I don’t remember a good night 's sleep since.

The ticking of the clock, the sound of falling rain,
the hooting of an owl, says that i’m wide awake again.

Laying in the darkness, wide awake once more’
Listening as I lie there, for your soft and gentle snore.

Your warm arms placed around me, every night I miss
I cannot sleep my darling, without your goodnight kiss.

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What ever gets you through I have a whiskey and helps me sleep for a little while but you take care lv annie x

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I don’t sleep without medication. I was on citalopram for anxiety for a long time. I keep getting adrenaline rushes at the point of crossing to sleep. If I don’t take the sleeping tablet it happens through the night. It scares me that I have this and wonder if it will ever go. Does anyone else experience this x

Hi. The adrenaline rush thing I had several years ago. It got so bad that I couldn’t sleep as when I would be at the point off dropping off to sleep it would happen. This then led to panic/anxiety most of the day , probably due to no sleep. After several weeks the doctor put me on a tablet called Duloxetine . This tablet changed everything and I still take it. My husband was still alive at the time but when he was ill and since died I find I wake up a lot and sometimes find it hard to go off to sleep. I work 40 hours a week and find it hard to concentrate on work after a sleepless night . I hope you sort out the adrenal rush . It’s a weird thing and feels really horrible. Make sure you get help if things get really bad. Sending prayers it will pass.

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Thank you Wendy. I feel like I am going mad with it. I really felt I was on my own and to know it will pass means so much. Thank you for replying x

I use the free calm app
On my phone , either rain on window or an open fire it helps me so worth a try xx

I can’t sleep either and there is no logic to it. If I sit on the couch with my dogs I’m straight out to sleep then wake up feeling terrible but go to bed after and can’t sleep before 4am sometimes a lot later. Drs tell you to try this and that and I’ve tried relaxation but just cant6relax until I’m absolutely falling over almost. Xx

I will try that thank you.xx

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