Anyone else feel like this?

My dad died 2 years ago and I find it really difficult when I have to get someone to come and fix things in my flat, I feel really panicky and upset because I would usually have asked my dad to help.

A friend’s dad is selling a bike and I was interested in buying it and he offered to come with me to test the bike out. This has also made me feel stressed because I would want to go with my dad not someone else’s. I know they’re being kind but I can’t help feeling that way. Not sure if any of that makes sense because I know it’s silly but can’t help how I feel.


Hi Annie, sorry to hear about how you’ve been feeling. I think it sounds entirely normal and understandable to me that upcoming activities you would normally have shared with your dad would trigger such feelings in you. I have only just lost my dad 3 weeks ago but can totally imagine I will feel the same when similar situations come up for myself. Do you feel able to share with your friend’s dad how you feel about the bike situation but then still go ahead with doing it anyway? I’m sure they will be understanding and it will hopefully be a step towards doing such things in a new way (even though I know, were we given a choice, we of course wouldn’t want to do these things in a “new way” without our dad) x

I’m so sorry about your dad. Thank you for messaging and your kind words, it means a lot xx

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Thanks :blush: you can message me anytime if you want to talk about anything or just say how you’re feeling. X

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