Anyone else had this happen

Mum died 5 months ago and since I lost her at 5 weeks my husband tells me to stop Pitt partying when I talk about her and to pull myself together I get the same from my work coach and a friend compared the loss of my mum to her recently past peg dog which I was very angry inside about . That’s not to say that pets are not important because they are . This is the first Xmas with out her and I really am missing her I had a very close relationship with her she is my everything. I even went out and bout her a present . I’m not going mad I just cannot bare the thought of Christmas without her . I’m just so fed up because I cannot believe the insensitive remarks I get has this happened to anyone else .

Hey sweetie
I’ve not had people saying things to me directly but I feel a big responsibility to be my normal jolly self. my mum in died in Feb
I am lost without my mum too I used to tell her everything - now she’s gone there’s no one interested in what we used to talk about.
Christmas feels like it’s happening around me and I’m not part of it.
My husband said I was “humbug” for not wanting my tree up yet & not wanting to go visiting.
I’ve got nothing to give anyone at the moment. All my energy is going into trying to make Christmas a happy one for my daughter - then I go and cry in the toilet.

I think that’s lovely you brought your mum a present.
I lost my dad 15 years ago when I was 30 it was awful
But no where as brutally painful it is loosing my mum
I’ve also lost a dog no comparison.
Don’t listen grief is personal you are allowed to grieve.
Take care xx

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I lost my mom in October this year .me and my whole family are struggling alot of us have anxiety I’ve had people say things will get better and everyone has to go .I find it hurtfull . I know my brother has had some really hurtful things said to him by client’s he is self employed and has to work even though he shouldn’t be .one even said your mom didn’t have much quality of life he replied my mom was very intelligent sharp as a knife he still bought my mom out when she wanted to go out shopping she still washed dressed and kept herself nice done little around her home .never forget anything verry bright funny caring loving .my brother done everything for her she couldn’t do as she had a fall a few years ago and walking became difficult on top of arthuritus. these remaks are so hurtful to us all I was .I miss her so much up until moms fall she would come on day trips with me and my kids family holidays visiting us shopping she did have a great quality of life and love for us all and we all loved brother lived with mom .but we all would visit mom are other siblings grandchildren great grandchildren her sister other relatives friends me and my children would go to visit so many times a week we would sit and talk about anything and everything and watched TV we where company for her now I relise she was company for us to she would still go out with my brother in his car for time out of the house . It’s so hard being without her without the comments people give. I cry every day and things going on in my mind I wanted to buy a card the weekend for my mom . I know we all feel the same when we cry we don’t tell each other to stop we hug each other .we can’t do much else

I’m two years on from losing my mum and almost five months from losing my 37 year old husband…putty party ??? I’d s mack them in the face if they said that too me … Sorry I know that’s not helpful…tell them to sod off

see my post about not being allowed to talk about lost loved ones. that is a hard part of grief: people give their sympathy, then they want you to stop talking about it.

then you must bear it on your own. I lost my mom 2.5 years ago.