Anyone in Herne Bay Area Kent

Lost my Wife November 2021. Looking for support network for meet-ups , walks, to talk with others that know the grief we are going through.

Yes it would help I have no one here trying to make new friends in same position but is not easy no groups about

Last year some people tried to gather together, i think if you go back to read some post you might find them.

As far as i know there around in some post the comments of the areas i think there were North, london.

I recall that in sue Ryder was a gathering in zoom ( hope i dont mistaking).

Contact the advisers.

The rules of the forum and the safeguarding online it make it harder. Plus some people are not technology clue to use teems, zoom and using link well with many frauds online is hard to trust and follow links.

Also the issue of that we are all vulnerable due to our grieving makes us target for those scammers