Anyone in there 30s and lost patner

I am new here and have posted and replied a few times now and its been helpful.
But just wondering if anyone here is in there 30s like me i am 36 and my partner passed away 9 wks ago to alcohol related liver disease and we have an 11 tear old daughter anyone else of a simialr age with children a smiilar age how do you cope?

Hi, @Jools1 is early 40s and sadly lost her partner, and @nuran is in her 30s, they both also have kids, maybe they will be able to help you just by talking to you.

Hi Fg15,
My husband had a sudden heart attack when he was 39 years old. It happened this year in May. He was healthy and fit. We have a son who is 7 years old. I am trying to recover because what happened to my family is a trajedi.
I am lucky i have great families both side. I have a great mother in law to support me mentally as well but end of the day I am the one who will fix me. It is so hard and painful as were happily married for 10 years and he had the best heart. It is not sinking yet but need to be better for my son and for my love as he wanted me to be strong for our son. As when he was alive he told me once if one of us dies " shite happens but we need to get on with life" i am up and down. Trying trying…

Sorry for your loss my partner was 42 im 36 i think i partly grieved when he was admitted in feb as didnt think he would ever come home he did and had 3 months but was too weak to do anything at all
Its so hard isnt it knowing you have no choice but to carry on for the sake of your child

Yes such a shame having no choice so we all nerd carry on for our loved ones. First time I lost someone so close and young to me. Of course I am devastated as i miss him so much and he was my soul, half.
The pain is undescriable. I wish it had had never happened

I know the pain is awful sometimes i feel okish then bam hits me again he gone

Same to me as well

I’m sorry for your loss.
I’m new to this page, I lost my husband suddenly 4 months ago he was 44.
I’m 37, with two young children 9 and 4.

Trying to grieve, keep going for the children, sorting out all the paperwork, and not sleeping been having nightmares. It’s been So hard. Not sure how it’s been 4 months already.

How are you all coping?

I can not sleep and I have mived our house, living with the brother in law and his family. I am not feeling comfirtable as me and my son are going through a lot. What have we done to deserve this? Looking for a cattery for our two cats outting my son under more stress and making him more upset.
I am exhausted mentally and physically. Misding our brilliant daddy and husband. Will I be happy again, I do not think so

Did you want to move? Was it your choice or did people put pressure on you? Is it close to where you lived before? Did your son have to change schools? Is your other home sold/rented out? If you don’t like it here, please don’t let anyone pressurise you. I know they might mean well, but you need to do what you and your son feel most comfortable with.

Hi Abdullah,
I am moving to abroad to get better. Just trying to get better. Of course i am a bit better than before but i need a change be wuth my family.

Sorry for your loss its coming up 13 weeks for me now and im struggling i too have had nightmares i woke my daughter up in the night screaming I wake up exhausted Ihave to keep going for her she is coping very well i miss him so much it hurts i hate it x

U have to do what is right for u and ur son, small steps day by day, u will get through. Unfortunately neither of us chose this path, it going to be bumpy ride of emotions and lots of change. I wish u well.

Hi @Nuran, oh, going to Turkey seems like a good idea as you have family there, and hopefully your son will cope with the change well, he’s young enough to make the change, it’s a devastating loss for you and you need to be close to people who love you and will be there for you to help you through this awful time, it is good that you are a bit better, hopefully you will continue to get a bit better as that is what Andy would have wanted for you. I hope the moves goes well, are you going to eventually be able to take the cats with you, or will you be rehoming them in the UK?

Sorry for your loss @Sacar, hope you get some help here.

Good luck with your move @Nuran take care x

Thank you xx