Anyone out there got young children?

My husband passed away 4 weeks ago. He had cancer but had been in remission since December. In May it came back really quickly, took his eye sight and his organs, he was only 44. My daughter is 2 and for most of her life he had been poorly and in and out of hospital. We were trying for 5 years before we finally got pregnant it seems so unfair. She is a great distraction but at times I find it so hard to look after her with all the emotions I have. I also get so worried about how all this might affect her later in life. Feel like I’m trying to get to grips with being bereaved but also becoming a single parent and everything we will miss out on without my husband. I feel really alone. Is anyone else out there in a similar situation?


I’m sorry for what your going through. I don’t have young children but I do have a 3 year old granddaughter that I look after once a week. Initially this was impossible to deal with her and all the emotions. So i understand where you’re coming from. To look after a yong one full time and cope with your loss and all that goes with it must be incredibly difficult.

I hope someone in your position sees this. I know I’ve have seen posts very similar to yours.

Just wanted you to know you’ve been heard.

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It must be so hard for you…so sorry for your loss :heartbeat:

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Mine youngest is 11 and I think about everything they will miss out on and everything he will not be here to see. Must be even harder when they are that young.

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I’m so sorry for your loss. I think every age must bring different challenges. My daughter doesn’t really understand what is going on which in some ways is a blessing as she’s just acting like normal so at least I’m not coping with her grief too like I am sure you must be.

I think having kids keeps you going, they are the reason you get up every morning and make you put one foot in front of the other

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Yes - same boat here…

My wife died in 2022 from metastatic cancer, after a 3-4 year fight…
My 7 year old son doesnt really have many memories of his mother that werent effected by her ill health…

I likewise do the best by my son every day, but the loss is still at the back of our minds and comes out at night and in quite moments…

Please be reassured that giving your child as much love and attention as you and your family can give is vital.

I could signpost you to a bunch of child support organisations, but she is way to young for that by several years really…do take care of yourself… and dont forget your own grieving in this process…

best wishes,