Apologies as a little rant

I’ve lost my son in 92, my dad in 99, my sister in 2000, a best friend in 2003, then I lost my other sister in 2018, my nephew in 2018 and my mum in 2023.

I heard recently that humans are wired for grief and to lose loved ones and I thought how stupid a statement that was. As with a lot of what I read and myself, I believe it doesn’t get any easier. I am so sick of what I’ve become where I can’t say boo to a goose when I presented to 300 people. I hate my life literally at a time when really I should be enjoying it. Don’t get me wrong I am trying as I am doing a year long cbt course, I also have tried to look for ways to improve. But when it goes dark so do my thoughts every night, I don’t pray I wake up I just believe I am destined for pain. Sorry for the rant. Hope I haven’t put anyone out with what I’ve said


I’m so sorry for all your losses. Maybe physiologically we ARE wired to deal with grief but societies expectations and pressures make that almost impossible. I also don’t feel any human can have one loss after another and cope.
I’m struggling with my dad, my uncle and now my husband has terminal cancer all within 2 years, and this is only a fraction of what you’ve been through.
Moan, shout, cry, whatever you need to do xx


I’m so sorry for what you’re going through as it must be extremely tough.

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