Are any men willing to talk to me about their grief of paren

I know it might be such an odd question to ask but my husband is such a closed book I just like to see things from a male perspective I don’t know I just feel it might help me understand how men and women think differently. My father in law passed away in June and it’s had such a massive affect on our relationship in every way. It’s broke my heart all of it has completely broke me and I know everyone thinks and feels different but anyone not feel like you needed your wife? That you could deal with it on your own did you feel your wife made things worse? Do you feel it’s hard to talk about your feelings because you thought your wife couldn’t handle it? Sorry for all the questions to who ever reads this I just wish I could make some sense of everything :cry:.

Dear @Becky1982,

@Harriet_SM and @DeniseC both had similar problems with their partners …

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Sorry things are not good for you, hope they improve.