Are their any groups out there...maybe near Bristol please

Are there any groups out there. Maybe near Bristol please x

I am near Bristol if you ever want to talk. C x

Where abouts are you please ?

I can give you my email address x

Bs15, so only just outside x

My email [edited by moderator]
I’m just off m5 junction 18…x

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Morning hope you are well and not to hot. It’s much cooler today…I don’t sleep very well I wake in a panic attacks and anxiety, I’ve tried deep breaths do you have this…x

Hi Janet, sorry to hear that you’re having panic attacks, are you a bit better now or are you still getting them?

Hello I’m still getting them every morning when I wake before I get out if bed, my heart races, is there any thing I can do to relax please?
Jan x

You could try some slow deep breathing for a few minutes that may lessen the feeling, maybe remind yourself that you have got out of bed up to now. If you have a pet you could call it and stroke its fur? Take care x

This feeling happens before I get out of bed, as I wake…slow breathing is ok but it scary me…
Jan…g x

Hi how are you ? Jan.

Hi Janet,

I am so sorry that you’re getting anxiety in the mornings.

Your cortisol is highest in the morning, so that can cause you to be anxious when you wake up. Additionally, it can be overwhelming thinking that we have a whole day ahead where we might not be well. That’s the reason my anxiety is quite bad in the mornings.

Diet can also play a part in how anxious we feel. Caffeine and alcohol can make it worse. So can too much sugar. As I am having difficulty eating food, Lucozade is something that I am having a lot of, and that is surely not helping.

How is your sleep? If you’re having difficulty sleeping, again, that can worsen your anxiety.

Some people seem to have given you advice about deep breathing - that can certainly help. So can mindfulness.

Have you had a blood test over the past year? Maybe ask your doctor if you can have one, they can send a district nurse to visit you. If you have low levels of say magnesium, that can also make you more anxious.

Ultimately, we’re all suffering here, and anxiety is a symptom of grief, so we have to accept it, the challenge is to try and reduce it as much as we can, and talking about your grief can help with that too, so feel free to keep posting.

I do have a glass or 2 of martini at night, maybe I will not have any…I have a decaf coffee in morning…only water really…
What is mindfulness please ?
Janet x

I go to sleep ok, but I wake to go to the loo.
Janet x

Alcohol before bed time has shown to result in poorer quality of sleep. So you might want to consider having it earlier in the day if you find that it helps you? I don’t know, it varies by individual, but it is something that you might want to try and see what works best for you.

Mindfulness is when you just focus on the present. So you try and forget about everything else for some time, and just try and take notice of the sounds around you, the smells you can smell, etc. Lots of people find it very beneficial, as it gives them a mental break. It can be difficult, because of course, it is difficult to clear your mind of things that are stressing you, but I try it in the mornings, and it does help me. So when you are doing your deep breathing in bed in the morning, just try and focus on the breathing, and think of nothing else. As you get out of bed, instead of thinking about the day ahead, try and take notice of your surroundings. Look around you, and take notice of the things you see, like the carper, the sounds outside your home etc. It really can help, it isn’t a cure for your grief, it just gives you a break, and that’s what we sometimes need. Hugggsss.

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I just saw your msg and I am in Bristol if that helps x

Hello i live in Bristol. Covid has stopped groups, but I’m here to chat. X

Where abouts are you please x

Hi I’m north Bristol