A year ago today was when Ash , my daughters boyfriend was taken to hospital. On the 1st June 2018 he was given 2 weeks to live . On the 5th June he married my daughter in their front room. This was the last day he spoke . On the 9th June he left us . He was 26 my daughter 23. My daughter was and still is so very strong . I on the other hand am a mess . I cry at everything. I think about him when I wake , during the day , when I go to bed. No one knows I am struggling like this. No respite at all. Is this “normal “ will this get better . I am really struggling to accept and move on . So sad.

Hello Ash
I was so sad to read your post. Your situation is quite unique and it might be helpful for you to talk things over with your GP or possibly use the video service on this site? Grief is such a complicated thing…you are grieving for Ash as a person, the loss of the son in law you did not get the chance to know better and also for your daughter and her loss…such a lot to bear so it is no wonder that this first anniversary has been so difficult. Please don’t give up…there will be others on this site more able to advise you…and your daughter…as to ways to soften the days ahead so keep posting and reading. Take care.x

Just realised that I addressed you incorrectly PB…Please forgive my stupidity x