I brought your ashes home today pauline so you are finally home with me and the furbabies god it was liked getting stabbed in the heart seeing the urn knowing what’s left of you is in there carrying you in I held you in my arms for awhile then I broke down I’m glad you are home I just love and miss you so much I know its real and you are gone but I keep on getting times where it hits me again rest in peace babe I love you with all I am and all I will ever be yours always darling xxxxx


It’s so hard Casey. I still remember walking out with my husband. How can our wonderful partners be given to us in a container? That day was so hard. I am glad he is home with me but every time I look at the urn it just hits me again that this shouldn’t have happened. Sending hugs

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@Jules4 hi jules thanks it is very hard and it totally threw me when I saw the container it just felt so wrong holding her in my hands like that I am glad she is home though with me and our babies where she belongs and is loved and will never be forgotten I am so sorry for the heartbreaking pain we are all feeling sending you hugs x