Hello Everyone,
Reading and smiling at all your posts.
Because whatever we choose, is right for us and our soulmates and bestest friend.
I have by husband at home in the box from the funeral directors, it’s actually a really nice box. He’s in the sideboard in our little front room, where the front door is too.
He’s looking after me and keep long me safe, and guarding the house when I have to to work .
He’ll stat there till it’s my turn, and then our will ashes will be buried together with a tree I have had planted in the memorial gardens of the crematorium.
The plague is already in place .
At the moment has by husbands name and his dates at the top…then the word ‘Soulmates’ and a big space underneath ready for my name and dates…

Love hugs and strength to you all

Sorry all, lots of typos… I’ll blame my 2 year old dog for jumping on me while I was typing :yellow_heart::hugs::pray:

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I waited for 7 months & had him interred in a small cemetery nearby, however I wanted him with me too so I have a onyx heart on my fireplace with some ashes in (the undertaker put ashes in the heart & 2 necklaces for me)
My daughter & I have got a necklace & I I’ve had 2 rings (a gold & a silver) made so I’ve always got him close with me (as you say in a different form)
You may find comfort having something like that so that it’ll be easier when you eventually scatter the rest of his ashes. Stay strong .

Thankyou @Fannyanne8

I have bought a bracelet and a tiny urn to put some ashes in. Like you my undertaker is going to do it for me. I’m so clumsy if I tried to do it I’d probably end up spilling him and having to hoover him up :face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth:
I’ve still to find who he spoke to about his ashes. I’ve got one friend left to ask.
My daughter said to keep them but I pointed out that he said he wanted to be scattered, and she said he would be, when I go they’ll scatter us together.
I don’t know, I’ve still got to think about it more
Love and hugs x

When I picked up my husband’s ashes I was really surprised
how heavy it was…! Then his sister said well it’s one whole person,
and we cried together.That was 10 days ago.
He always said he wanted to be buried in his country.I used to
joke that once he is dead he wouldn’t know, so he’d better
behave (he was a drinker) or else.
I took time to choose urn, I’m waiting for that to arrive now.
I will be transferring the ashes from the bag into the urn myself.
I dread a bit to open the bag-
then I will be crossing the channel to his homeland
to scatter a part of his ashes.Then I will be taking some part
to my country too,where we spent some years as a young family.
I told my son I want some part put in my coffin when I go,
together with a strand of hair I kept from husband, and my boys
first hair when they were born.

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We always said whoever went first, the other one would keep their ashes and then when we were both gone our ashes would be mingled. I’ve kept to that and have John’s ashes in a beautiful urn in a corner of the bedroom with his photo and a few keepsakes. The only problem is we could never decide what should be done with us so either I need to make a decision or leave it to the kids to decide when I’m gone. I do find it quite comforting to have his ashes a,though in the past I’ve always thought it would be a bit creepy.