I picked up her ashes today. It took forever for the Urn, and had me a bit worried.
She’s home for now and it’s good to have her back, albeit in a different form.
I can feel her around though. It’s a comfort. There are still many signs.
I hope you are all doing ok out there. Hold them close to your hearts and keep their memories alive. It is working for me in some way.
Not for everyone of course. Do what you can to keep going. Take care.


Thank you it is a hard road we tread

I’m glad you feel comfort… I’m picking my husbands ashes on Friday and hoping I’ll feel the same, to think he’ll be back home again seems comforting.


I never thought I’d want my husbands adhes at home. And anyway he said he wanted to be scatteted.
Now I’ve got them home waiting for me to decide where to scatter them, I’ve realised that I’d rather kerp them here.
I can’t because he wanted them scattered so I will do what he wanted. There’s no more I can do for him now.

You could always take some of the ashes out and keep them in a box,then scatter the rest. I think also Amazon do some trinkets that you can put some of the ashes in.
I am sure your love would understand​:heart::pray:

Sometimes churches have a place where you can scatter them, a church near me has a place and then they enter the name in a book. I hope all goes well​:heart::heart:

Nigel’s home with me.
I’m glad to have him here but I know I’ll need to let him rest sometime.
For now though, he’s here for me to talk to…

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I got my husbands ashes yesterday and they are sitting in a box next to my bed.
I wasn’t sure how I’d feel but I feel closer to him somehow knowing he is home.
I hadn’t planned in advance to get them, was just having a more productive day and so then thought I’d best tell my kids, only one of whom was at home.
When I phoned the 3 older ones later on they made me laugh as each of their first comments were “are they safe from the dog ? “. My husband would have loved their humour but would be very annoyed if the dog did get to him - she does try to eat everything.


My wife’s family are Hindu so want some of her ashes scattered in a river , when I brought her home ( came in paper bag in cardboard box , so had to source our own urn ) I split them into the urn and left part in the box to be scattered , was a strange experience.
We scattered some under the paving flags we put down for her memorial bench in our garden , so can talk to her there . The rest are in the urn on her desk next to our bed ( as she worked from home in our room ) . That is where they are staying .


I have been thinking of kerping some of Rogers ashes to go with me. Im sure he wouldnt mind.
I’ve and idea of what to do with the rest but I need to speak to his son, he may have said to him where he wanted to go.

Big hugs to you

That’s where I’m thinking of putting Roger.
In the river, its close enough for me to walk to if I feel the need.
He used to mess about on the river when he was a child, he couldn’t swim so it’s a wonder he didn’t drown. :woman_facepalming:
Whatever we do will be right, because we’re doing it with love

Sending big hugs


There is. Don’t forget him.

Oh @Blake
I will never ever forget him, nor stop missing him.
My heart is still broken into a million pieces and don’t think it will ever mend .
I’ve never felt pain like this in my life.
I thought losing my Mum was hard but this is a whole different level.

Take care x

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Rob is next to my bed, i have a plot and headstone in place but after 10 months still haven’t buried them. I will one day just not sure when.

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I’ve been looking at jewellery for ashes on amazon. I don’t want a pendant because I’ve got my locket, but they had a nice bracelet. That way I get to keep him with me always.

I also plan to keep some to be scattered with me. We were meant to be together in life and in death so will keep some safe until then. I’ll also then never be alone.

@liro I had this made by Forever Together Jewellery, for someone else who was dear to me.

Thats lovely.
I’m going to stay with Rogers son for a while. I’m hoping he told im what he wanted done with his ashes, but I’m definitely keeping some to go with me, and maybe a bracelet

The jewellery is lovely, we didnt want any made or the ashes split my husband was very unhappy when his sister split his mums. He wants all of him to remain together. Everyone has different ideas.

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I had the RNLI scatter my husbands ashes at sea it was what he wanted, it was a beautiful sunny day when his ashes were scattered they did a lap of honour and a small service on board the life boat while just close family stood on the edge of the beach, I have kept some of his ashes to be put with mine when the time comes so we will be together for eternity,

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